1. Tracking

We use Google to keep track of our website visitors.

2. Visitor Information

We don’t sell your information to anyone. Any information you submit will be kept confidential.

3. Copyright Information

All information on this site is copyright 2017 SCREENPLAY.today and can be used only with permission

4. Ads

We do not serve the ads ourselves, it’s all done automatically by Google. As such, all ad-content is the responsibility of the advertisers themselves.

5. Claims

This site makes no claims about the quality of your writing. We do not guarantee your script will get produced. All claims are the opinion of the author and should not be relied upon. This website is informational-only. It will not make you a professional writer. You have to put in the work and make yourself the professional writer.

6. Submissions

If you take advantage of our script-notes or evaluation services (anything where you’d need to send us a script), for legal reasons, you are waiving your rights to sue over any similar works. We can’t accept unsolicited submissions. No one in the industry accepts unsolicited submissions, the legal-jeopardy is just too great.

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