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My high-school was great and was notable for having a series of rather unique programs. For instance, in grade 10, I took courses in darkroom photography and television production.

In grades 11 and 12, I was able to take a career-preparation course in TV that was literally one-quarter of my course-load. It was great. We had a film-studio with an editing-suite - right in the classroom! It was amazing.


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List of the top film schools around the world! Is film-school even worth it?

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BACK “Change is the end-result of all true learning!” - Leo Buscaglia 11

In grade 12, myself and the other top-student got to go work at the Knowledge Network producing educational content for the network. That was the reward the top two students got. Two weeks of working at an educational tv-station. But, it was really just observing, as they didn’t trust high-school kids to do anything important. We got to set promo-shots up for tv-commercials and stuff like that.

Everyone else in the class got the shitty assignment: two weeks on MacGuyver (the original)! Where Richard Dean Anderson took them all out to hockey games and stuff like that.

Instead of going straight into film or television, I wanted to go to college first. So, that’s what I did. I studied all the things I thought a movie producer/director would need to know (law, psychology, history, accounting, finance, international business finance, mathematics, creative writing, photography, etc…).

After I graduated (on the Dean’s List, of course), I headed off to film-school for a year.

But, I still didn’t jump right into it. If you’re going to be a director, you need to know everyone’s job. Every job on-set. Backwards and forwards.

List of the Top Schools, Colleges and Universities that Offer Screenwriting Degrees, Diplomas or Certificates:

University of Southern California (USC)

Writing for Screen and TV Video

California, USA


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Professional Program in Screenwriting

Los Angeles, CA, USA


So, I spent the first few years working my way up. I started as a production assistant and location PA (worst job ever). Then craft services and catering. Then production managing. Then producing. Then writing, directing and Executive Producing.

As a writer, you can get away without knowing everyone’s job. But, not as a director. If you want to do both, I highly recommend some sort of education in film theory and film production (film school, etc...).

If you want the very best education possible in film or the screenwriting arts, you’ll want to consider a college or university-level program in film-studies or screenwriting. Preferably a screenwriting masters degree (mfa) or a screenwriting bachelors degree (bfa). Either will provide you with a top-notch education.

New York University’s Tisch School Of The Arts

Certificate in Dramatic Writing: Screenwriting

New York, NY, USA


Loyola Marymount College

MFA in Screenwriting

Los Angeles


The New School

Certificate in Screenwriting, Master of Arts in Media Studies

New York, NY, USA


Chapman College

MFA in Screenwriting, Screenwriting Bachelors

Orange County, California, USA


Emerson College

Screenwriting Certificate Program

Boston, MA, USA


Boston University School of Communications

Screenwriting MFA

Boston, MA, USA


University of Miami

School of Communications – MFA in Screenwriting

Miami, Florida, USA


University of Texas

MFA in Screenwriting

Texas, USA



Cinematic Arts, Screenwriting BFA

Los Angeles, California, USA


Columbia University

Introduction to Screenwriting

New York, NY, USA


University of Iowa

Cinematic Arts - Screenwriting and Writing for Television

Iowa City, IA, USA



Screenwriting Certificate Program

Los Angeles, CA, USA


UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television

Screenwriting Program

Los Angeles, California, USA


New York Film Academy

Screenwriting Masters - MA Screenwriting Program - Masters of Arts

New York, NY, USA


Boston University

MFA in Screenwriting

Boston, MA, USA


University of Texas at Austin

Masters of Fine Arts in Screenwriting

Austin, Texas, USA


FORWARD Best Schools for Screenwriting Degrees

University of British Columbia (UBC)

Masters of Fine Arts - Screenwriting

Vancouver, BC, Canada


University of Victoria (Uvic)

Screenwriting program

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


York University

Department of Cinema & Media Arts

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Concordia University

Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


National Film and Television School

Creative Skillset-Accredited Screenwriting MA course

Beaconsfield, Bucks, UK


Bournemouth University

BA (Hons) Scriptwriting for Film and Television

Poole, Dorset, UK


London Film Academy

MA Screenwriting (Masters)

London, United Kingdom


University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Screenwriting

Melbourne, Australia


Australian Film, Television and Radio School

Screenwriting Program

Sydney, Australia


RMIT University

Advanced Degree of Professional Screenwriting

Melbourne, Australia


EICAR - International Film and Television School

Screenwriting Masters of Fine Arts

Paris, France


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