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Everyone has a brilliant idea for a movie!

Whenever you ask them what that is, they say something like ‘a guy who gets stuck in a time-loop!’

Us experienced screenwriters always sigh inside a little. No one ever has any more than this. All they have is the first turning-point. And that’s it! One scene 20 minutes into a movie and very little else. Not 5% of what’s required for the most basic story-idea.

Who’s your protagonist? What’s the second turning-point? What’s your theme? What is the protagonist’s internal-conflict? Etc…

No one ever knows all that other stuff. And without it, they don’t have anything close to an actual movie. All they have is a vague idea. Well, here’s how to turn that vague idea - into your very own Hollywood-calibre screenplay!

“You can write a good script - or a Hollywood-script - choose one!” - Me right now


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$50+ SCREENPLAY.today Writing Act One of your Screenplay The Cold-Open or Inciting Incident The Theme START HERE - to learn how to write a movie Writing the Inciting Incident Writing Your Screenplay's Protagonist Writing your film script's protagonist or main-character Creating Your Movie's Supporting Cast of Characters Introducing your Characters The Roller-Coaster of Emotion - Peaks and Valleys - Ups and Downs The First Turning Point - End of Act One - Pinch Point - Plot Point - Screenwriting & Scriptwriting Template The Second Act Rising Action Creating Your Screenplay's False-Victory or False-Defeat - screenwriting and scriptwriting tips and tricks SCREENPLAY.today - Free Online Scriptwriting Course - Learn How To Write a Film or Movie Script The Pit of Despair - Time for Your Protagonist to Reflect The End of Act Two - The Second Turning-Point - Plot-Point - Pinch-Point The Love Story Writing Your Screenplay's Love-Story The Character-Arc - Your Protagonist's Internal-Conflict or Character-flaw The Final Battle Between Your Main-Character and Your Antagonist or Head Bad Guy It's all about the climax! The Denouement - The Ending Get Screenplay Coverage & Script Notes Screenwriting and the Three Act Structure The Third Act The Roller-Coaster of Emotion - Peaks and Valleys - Ups and Downs The protagonist chooses his quest at the first turning point Screenwriters need to think about on-set issues too! Screenplays all start with an idea The Second Act is all about Confrontation and Moving the Plot Forward The Third Act is all about Resolution, it's the Conclusion of your Story The First Act is all About the Status Quo

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Closing Credits

95min Runtime

Opening Titles


Page 0

Inciting Incident

First 10min

First 12 Pages

First Turning Point

15 to 23min

Pages 18 to 25

Second Turning Point

65 to 70min

Page 70 to 75

The Climax


Page 93

The End


100 Pages Total



Page 50

The Denouement


Page 98

State Theme

First 10min

First 12 Pages

Raise Stakes/New Setting



Character-Arc Completed

70 to 80min

Page 75 to 85


First 5min

First 6 Pages

Love-Story Concludes


Page 85

Pit of Despair


Page 69

Company Credits


Title Page

Introduce Sub-Plots

First 20min

First 24 Pages

Plot & Sub-Plots Evolve

Next 30-45min

Next 40-50 Pages

Sub-Plots Conclude

70 to 75min

Page 75 to 80

The Final Battle


Page 87

Raise Stakes/New Setting





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