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Start Writing My Screenplay Now?

Well, not just yet… I have a lot to teach you first!  

Hollywood is only looking for screenplays that are written in a very specific format (and I’m not talking about Courier 12pt or anything like that, not just that kind of formatting). Certain things need to happen within your story by very specific pages, and if you don’t know what those things are, well… You may finish your screenplay, but no one’s going to be optioning it!

But, don’t worry, I’m here to help! I’ll be giving away secrets that even professional writers/directors working in Hollywood today don’t even know!  

Here’s a trick for you... The next time you are watching a movie, press pause 15 minutes in - and ask yourself what’s going on? You probably know the main-character, you’ve probably met his friends. Maybe you know a bit about what’s going on, but not much. You’re pretty much in the dark, right?  If you didn’t see the trailer or read the film’s synopsis, you probably don’t have any idea what the movie’s really about, right?

Continue watching and press pause like 5 or 10 minutes later. You probably know exactly what the movie’s about now, don’t you!?! Just 5 or 10 minutes is all that it took to go from being completely in-the-dark - to knowing what the climax is going to be! If the movie’s about people getting lost in the woods, they probably just got lost in the woods. If it’s about a ship sinking, the iceberg just hit.

How did I know what was going to happen in a random movie you were watching - right down to the minute? Because every movie is the same nowadays! They ALL follow the same exact structure - Hollywood Story Structure - and I know it like the back of my hand.

And today, I’m going to teach it to you!

If you read through this site diligently, you might even learn enough that you could think about bypassing film school or even advanced degrees in screenwriting.

How to Write a Movie or Film Script:

I imagine you’ve come to this site because you want to write a screenplay? You’ve got a great idea, and you want to know how to turn that idea into an actual script. Before you start reading through this site - write that idea down! After you’re done, go back and re-write your idea, taking into account all that I have taught you. Then, compare the two.

It will be like holding up a ten-thousand dollar painting you just got at a local art-gallery - and comparing it to something your toddler just finger-painted. No joke, the difference will probably be astounding.

There’s a question I always ask screenwriters I’m working with to quickly gauge their talent-level. One simple question that tells me everything I need to know. It works like a charm:  

‘On what page of your script should the First Turning Point be?’

If you can’t answer the above question - your screenplay will never get financing! Never. It’s that important that you know this stuff. Absolutely imperative.

Yet, I’ve never seen a single online screenwriting tutorial that explains it. The most important thing screenwriters need to know, and no one tells them… Until today!

Screen-Writing Software

Screen-writing software is handy and makes writing a screenplay considerably easier for the writer, but it’s not absolutely necessary. If you are having trouble affording expensive, proprietary software from one of the major script writing software companies, there are plenty of free options out there. Even the majority of text-editors will work, just be ready to do a lot of tabbing (or writing macros).

If you’re looking for scriptwriting software that’s free and yet still highly functional, I highly recommend CELTx. They have a range of paid services, but if you are just writing your own indie or spec screenplay, their free, cloud-based service more than fits the bill.  

And, heck, you can even do it the old-fashioned way:  with a typewriter! Courier, the font, was designed to look exactly like an IBM Selectric’s typeface ball. Scripts are supposed to look type-written! No one will ever know your secret if you use the real thing.

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