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Mobile STRUCTURING YOUR SCRIPT: The Setting The First Act The Protagonist The Meet-Cute Introductions The Supporting Cast The First Turning-Point The Second Act False-Victory or False-Defeat Everything is Looking Good!... The Love Story Rising Action The Second Turning Point The Third Act All Is Not Lost Wind It All Up Big Action! The Character-Arc The Final Battle Wrapping Up Your Sub-Plots The Climax Denouement Script Coverage

50% of the work involved in screenwriting needs to be done before you ever pick up your pen or sit down at your typewriter. The story-structure needs to be rock-solid before you even begin, or else you’re just putting lipstick on a pig. Structure is that important.

Most people make the mistake of just sitting down and writing - but that’s the worst thing they could do (unless they already know what I’m about to teach you)! There are a thousand things you need to know before you write your first bit of action or your first line of dialogue (don’t worry, I’ll cover them all). You may be able to write a novel stream-of-consciousness style - but, you could never do that with a movie! Your first turning point needs to be X pages from the front.  Your second turning point needs to be roughly Y pages from the end. The Second Act needs to be at least twice as long as your First Act. Your Third Act needs to be a bit longer than the First. Etc… There’s a reason why everyone says Hollywood movies are formulaic!… There actually is a formula. And, they follow it. To a T.

Hollywood only wants one single story-structure, a very specific story-structure, and if you don’t know what that structure is, you will have an impossible time getting your screenplay produced! I’ve seen tons of so-called ‘professional’ screen-writers who clearly don’t know what the proper story-structure is for their screenplays.

Well, I’m here to show you!

The Inciting Incident The Theme

The entire story hangs off of your structure. It’s the foundation your script is built upon (along with your characters, of course). So, you’d better make sure it’s rock-solid!  But, that’s easier said than done...  

Crafting a high-quality screenplay is HARD! Very, very hard. Even the top guys in Hollywood can’t do it very often. The average film-script is just god-awful.

But, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’ve broken proper Hollywood story-structure down for you above.

If you read through all 30 articles, you’ll be better-prepared to write your own screenplay than many indie and professional film-makers are today! No joke. I am being 100% serious. If you follow my instructions, you’ll be able to write a winning screenplay about virtually any subject! In any genre. And, not just that, if you have any talent whatsoever, you should be able to compete directly with Hollywood screenwriters that work for seven-figure pay-days! And, even if you don’t want to compete against the big-fish, you’ll be able to blow the average low-budget indie film-makers out of the water with a much more highly polished script than they could ever dream of having. Give me your time - and I’ll make you a better screen-writer! For free.

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