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One of the first things I had you do when you discovered this site - was to write down your script-idea.

Go and pull out that piece of paper now!

I had you write down the great idea you had for a film. Whatever that was. The idea that was so good you needed to come here and learn how to turn it into an actual Hollywood screenplay.

Now that you know all about proper story-structure, how does that idea look to you now?

It looks completely amateurish, right? It looks like a 5 year old wrote it, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have any acts. It doesn’t have turning points. The story has no depth. It’s embarrassing, right? There’s no character-arc. No sub-plots. No scenes. No nothing. It’s just the most basic idea for a film imaginable, right?

But, what is your idea now? What is your movie about now?

It’s a lot more complicated, right? It has way more depth. It feels just like a real movie now.

Night and day, isn’t it?

What you have now, looks and feels like a real, big-budget Hollywood movie, doesn’t it?

Well, just wait!

Once you’re done writing it, your screenplay’s going to be literally a thousand times better than what it would have been if you’d never found this site!

I helped you turn that simple idea - into a real script. A good script. A Hollywood script. And I did it for you for free.


You made it! You’ve just finished the best free online screenwriting program that exists! Your storyline is done. Your story-structure is rock-solid. And you are ready to finally begin the daunting task of actually writing your (soon to be award-winning) screenplay!

I don’t like traditional script-coverage, so I offer something a lot better, basically ‘script notes from a movie expert’.

I’ll read your screenplay and then give you ultra-detailed notes about everything. Focusing, of course, on the story-structure (and, really, anything which could make it better).

This usually takes me around 10 to 12 hours per script. I read the script front-to-back to get acquainted with it. Then, I go through it scene-by-scene and give notes. By the end, I’ve usually read it at least 3 or 4 times.

The notes depend on the screenplay. If the writer isn’t proficient in English, perhaps they’ll mostly be pointing out grammatical or spelling errors. If the writer is proficient in written-English, maybe the notes will all be about the story-structure. Can’t say until after I’ve read the script (or if I’ve worked with you before).

This isn’t cheap though. I charge $500 per script (for any reasonably-sized screenplay). Although expensive, it’s just about the best money you could spend on your film. There is nothing else on the planet you can buy that will improve your screenplay as much as I can improve it in just a few pages of notes. Almost any script is going to require $100 grand to produce nowadays. Minimum. $500 is only half-of-one-percent of that amount. One two-thousandth of a million-dollar budget. What can you buy for less than $500 that has an actual chance of dramatically raising the quality of your movie? Nothing. I’m literally the only option. Anywhere. At almost any price.

I estimate that I’ve seen over 60,000 hours of films and dramatic television in my life (I’m only in my 40’s). Not including new or reality-tv. Just films and dramas. Roger Ebert is one of the only people on the planet who has seen more filmed-drama than I have. I’ve seen everything. You can’t buy that kind of expertise anywhere - for anywhere near that price. Except here.

The first thing every independent film-producer should do when they get handed a rough-draft - is send it to me! You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve been able to improve the quality of some screenplays in just the few days of working with the screenwriter. And, by the time they usually come to me, it’s way too late to do any major script-revisions. When I’m handed a screenplay early in the process, while it’s still being crafted, the results are absolutely phenomenal. You should see the scripts before I get them and afterwards! It’s night and day.

And, I should mention, that I don’t do any of the work. It’s all the screenwriters! It’s all you guys. I just guide the writer and show them what is and isn’t working in their script. They are the ones that actually have to go out and fix all the problems. I don’t write anything for them - I simply make them a better screenwriter.

Heck, even the top screenwriters in Hollywood can use an expert set of eyes. You wouldn’t believe how many hundred million dollar films I see that could have been dramatically improved with just a little bit of story-editing. You wouldn’t believe it. And, for movies with those kinds of budgets, a small increase in the quality of the story can lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in increased ticket-sales. So, it’s shocking that so many movies don’t bother with quality story-editing. It’s the easiest way to improve your film to the biggest degree - and it’s cheap too! Just crazy that film-producers don’t take advantage as much as they should.

Writing a good story-structure is hard! Very hard. And, keeping track of it all in your head can be daunting. It’s very easy to make stupid mistakes or miss little things. It’s always good to have a second set of eyes on it.

You’ve done it. You’ve done all the work, you’ve learned everything you need to know to finally start writing your script! Actually writing! It’s finally time to pick up the pen (or sit down at the computer)!

Give yourself a pat on the back!

Just getting to the point where you have a full-fleshed-out story-structure is an accomplishment. Even if you haven’t written anything yet. If you’ve done all the work, the writing part will be easy. You should have a list of pretty much every scene and what needs to happen in it. Now, it’s just sitting down and following the plan! Writing the words.

As you write, be sure to use our Screenwriting Cheat Sheet. It gives you step-by-step instructions for writing your screenplay in the proper three-act structure and shows you exactly where all your plot-points go. It’s like screenplay-writing-by-numbers. That’s how easy it makes writing your own script!

Break a leg! And write me a classic!

Here’s a 20-part, step-by-step list of everything you have to do to create your story-structure and actually start writing your screenplay!

Actually Writing Your Screenplay: Screenplay Coverage and Script Notes: FORWARD This Is the End, Beautiful Friend, the End.

Thank you for choosing this site to help you write your film! I am honoured that you chose us to help write your screenplay. I really do appreciate your support.

If you read through every single page on this entire site diligently, probably around a hundred of them, I probably made less than a quarter. That’s how many people are using ad-blockers nowadays. It’s really not very lucrative. I just love movies and want to help people write better ones. I’m not in it for the money. So, I don’t accept donations.

But, if you want to help out and keep this site alive to teach the next generation of screenwriters, we could really use your help in other ways!

As I said, I don’t like taking donations. I believe that you should get something for your money - and I sure can’t stand sites that are constantly begging on every page.

So, I’ll actually offer you something of value for any help you provide (please scroll down to see the various options).

Your Site Helped Me Tremendously, Can I Donate Some Money or Something?

And, keeping track of the structure isn’t the only problem you’ll be facing. It’s very easy to have a weak structure too! Even the best screenwriters do it all the time.

There’s a reason why pro-athletes have coaches looking over their shoulders, pushing them to be better all the time. It helps. Writers need that too.

If you aren’t looking for detailed notes and coverage, but still want to help support this site. We do offer a couple, much cheaper options.

For $50, I’ll read your script and give you my honest opinion about where it stands.

And, just like with coverage, I do it slightly differently than most. Instead of having an intern read your script and give you their (uninformed) opinion on it - I’ll do a lot better than that. I’ll read your script (as an expert who has seen thousands and thousands of films) and tell you how your script compares.

That’s what you want to know, right? You don’t give a crap about ordinary coverage. Ordinary coverage doesn’t really tell you where you stand compared to everyone else.

So, instead of giving you the usual information that comes with coverage, I’ll only give you only one piece of information: the quality of film that would typically be produced from this script. [Well, two actually. I’ll also tell you roughly what you’ll rate on IMDB if you shoot the screenplay competently.]

For instance, I might say ‘this is a $100,000 indie film’ or ‘this is a top-quality, higher-budget indie film in the $3 to 5 million range’ or ‘this is a $20 million studio film’ or ‘you won’t be able to raise any money for this, except from your family, friends and credit card.’

Be warned, about 90% of my responses are some variation of ‘this is a low-budget indie film with perhaps a $100k budget’. I hardly ever say ‘this is studio quality work here, you should be able to raise tens of millions’. The last time I even came close to that, it was for a script that was destined to be a tv-movie. It was really good, but just not the type of thing that plays in theatres, so a tv-movie was the best it could conceivably do.

If you can’t afford fifty bucks, and you still want to give back a little something to say thanks, we do offer a ‘diploma’ (really just a postcard that confirms you have completed our program) for only ten bucks!

You can order each of these services over here —––>

NOTE: The above rates are my special rates for young and indie film-makers. If you are a studio or major player, my rates will be considerably higher. But, of course, you probably want me for much more complicated tasks.

If you order screenplay coverage/script-notes/screenplay-evaluation, you’ll need to send me your script (hardcopy or pdf). Instructions will be sent after you order. Please allow at least one or two weeks for delivery.


Just read my screenplay and tell me how it compares to everyone else


Well, really just a post-card...

‘I finished a SCREENPLAY.TODAY and all I got was this lousy postcard!’

Coverage & Script Notes $500

Highly-detailed coverage and script-notes for your screenplay (feature-film)

HELP SUPPORT US! Screenplay Evaluation Get Your Diploma! Get Coverage & Script Notes for Your Screenplay Congratulations, you’ve finished your screenplay!   But, now what?   Get COVERAGE, of course!
The First Act of your Three-Act Structure. This is where you introduce your main characters to the audience and get the plot rolling. The end of your 1st Act comes with the First Turning Point, the point at which your protagonist chooses his quest The 2nd Act - Where the bulk of your plot goes. Confrontation - this is where your protagonist confronts the status quo and attempts to change it for the better Your 2nd Act can't end without your Second Turning Point! Things may seem bleak for your protagonist, but all is not lost yet! There is still hope!... Backstory - what happened in the past. Exposition, expository dialogue, etc... It all comes down to this - your climax! The end of your story. The conclusion. The one thing everyone in the audience wants to know: does the protagonist win? The 3rd Act - the final act in your three-act structure, where everything is decided, the climax, the conclusion, the end. Your Film's Theme - what your movie is really about. The undercurrent. The second act of your screenplay should be filled with ups and downs, dramatically speaking of course. Like a roller-coaster. It's all about creating conflict and drama. BACK Welcome to SCREENPLAY.today - your free online screen-writing program - learn how to write a screenplay for free! Free Online Screenplay Writing Course from SCREENPLAY.today - screenwriting advice, help, information, hints, tips & tricks