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What is the best online screenwriting software to use?

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What are the top screenwriting schools and film schools?

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What is the best free online screenwriting course?


So, you’re just about to start writing your first screenplay, are you?

Well, you’re going to need some screenwriting software then!

Of course, you could just use any text-editor - or even a trusty old typewriter or ball-point pen - but you’ll just be wasting a ton of time formatting everything (and hitting TAB about a billion times).


So, you need screenwriting-software, do you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll save you a ton of money and show you one of the best screenwriting programs around - and it’s totally free!


Step-by-step instructions for writing your screenplay or film-script.

Here’s how to turn that idea into a fully-fledged story - with the proper story-structure - and write your screenplay.

BACK “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed!” - Ernest Hemingway 14

The best screenwriting programs or apps are highly-intuitive. When you start a scene, for instance, as soon as you type ‘int’ they’ve already caps-locked everything. When you hit ‘ENTER’, it knows you are going to be typing action next, so it justifies everything on the left. Then, after you hit ‘RETURN’ and then ‘TAB’ to start a bit of dialogue - it knows you are going to be typing a Character’s name and so capitalizes it and justifies it much further over to the right. After you’ve typed the name and hit ‘RETURN’ again, it knows that dialogue is coming and goes to justify that.

You never have to worry about formatting anything. The screenwriting software keeps track of all of that stuff for you. The most you ever have to do to format anything in the proper studio format, is hit ‘TAB’ or ‘ENTER’ once (not half-a-dozen times like you’d have to do on a typewriter).

Screenwriting software is really worth its weight in gold. Just from all the tabbing it saves.

And, nowadays, with the click of a button, the software will show you scene-cards, storyboards or even output your entire script in pdf format (with a title-page even)!

You can usually download a trial-version of any screenwriter you want to try, so you don’t have to pay until you find one you like, one that fits your style and usage. So, take advantage of that! Try out all the major brands.

For years, my favorite screenwriting software was ScriptThing (it doesn’t exist anymore, it’s now called MovieMagic Screenwriter 6). It’s $150.

Final Draft has been popular for decades now and is really the industry standard. It’s $250.

There are several lower-priced options available, such as Fade In Professional ($79), etc…

*Prices are as-of this summer 2017.

So, which screenwriting software should you buy?

And, which screenwriting software is the best?

Well, this isn’t rocket-science. It’s simple text-editing. The computer-science industry had all the technology it needed to create the ultimate screenplay editor - back in the early 1960’s.

So, all the major brands of screenwriting software are pretty much equal (as far as writing your script goes). They all do what you need them to do. The only differences are in all the bells-and-whistles that come with them. But, unless you are going into production, you don’t need any of that stuff. You won’t need it until you raise $xxx,xxx or more. So, just ignore all that stuff for now. For the time being, all you are worried about is writing your script.

Or... If you don’t want to spend money, you don’t have to!

It’s easy to write macros to turn your favorite text-editor into screenplay software. But, that’s way too hard. There are free screenwriting programs out there! Some of them very good too. So, why not use one of those?

For instance, for any young screenwriter, I would highly recommend Celtx.

Their screenwriting software is free to use, but they offer paid services as well. But, those are more for when your screenplay goes into production. So, for just writing your spec-script, the free screen-writing software works just as well as the expensive, paid, professional screenwriting software. Remember, scripts are supposed to look type-written, you don’t need expensive software to mimic a typewriter. So, why spend the money, right?...

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