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What are the top screenwriting schools and film schools?

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Welcome to the best screen-writing tutorial on the web!

If you read through this site diligently, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your very first screenplay. Even if you are a novice writer, even if you’ve never written anything before, I hope I can teach you enough to at least compete with the professionals, structure-wise. I see lots of pro and indie scripts each year - and, trust me, they are all awful. Even the professional ones. So, you’ve got a chance!

Unlike the other free online screenwriting courses, I’ll be giving away the valuable secrets no one else is willing to - not even in screen-writing books costing hundreds of dollars!

Every year I see dozens of major films where the screen-writer clearly doesn’t understand proper story-structure. Every month I see another $50-million film that could have been tremendously improved by one or two days of script-editing. I’m constantly reading scripts from supposedly professional screen-writers - but how can you call them professionals when they don’t understand what Hollywood wants?  

And, believe me, Hollywood wants something very specific! Very, very specific. If your screenplay doesn’t follow exactly the structure they want - they’ll pick a script up off of the pile that does!

Be the script they pick up!  Start here…

3-Act Structure

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Begin HereHow to write a screenplay…“Can I really write my own Hollywood-calibre screenplay?” “Yes, yes you can!  Here’s how...”

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And, unlike the other guys, we’re not going to force you to buy anything or register anywhere, it’s all free right here!

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